What is ed2tech?

The learning platform ed2tech was developed to turn media into interactive educational media. Thereby it essentially consists of three components. A kiosk solution, a comprehensive toolbox and a work platform (digital desk).

Using the kiosk we can import all common article formats and make them available on the digital desk of the students and trainees and other learners. The content of newspapers, magazines, journals and other publications can be enriched with photos, videos (e.g. YouTube), graphics and audio files using the tools of the toolbox.


school education

Developed in cooperation with local students, schools and companies providing training.

ed2tech no longer restricts digital learning and teaching to the classroom, neither by location nor by time.

vocational training & further education

Enables communication and exchange between school and training companies throughout the whole of Germany.

Individual adaptations to the specific needs of company networks, training and school authorities.

included modules


All the capabilities of a modern messenger

Comprehensively DSGVO compliant


Evaluation and categorization of materials

Exchange of knowledge and materials

Cooperative Editor

Uncomplicated simultaneous work on the same topic at the same time

Effective group work – learning team skills

Live assistance function


Create interactive multimedia presentations

Based on the Scrollytelling concept

Combination von different materials